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CTS Turbo is proud to announce the release of our downpipes for BMW F80/F82 M3/M4.  Our stainless steel high-flow downpipes allow for faster spool, better transient boost response, higher boost, and great sound.  Our downpipes are the first part of our modular exhaust system and are compatible with factory mid pipes and our upcoming CTS Turbo mid-pipes.  You should expect 27whp/40ftlbs torque gains when paired with appropriate tuning software.  We used CAD simulation to streamline the flow of exhaust gasses and ensure seamless integration with factory and CTS exhaust components.  Many hours of R&D were spent to ensure a perfect fit, smooth exhaust flow, and excellent sound.

Use of Bootmod3 software compatible with downpipes is strongly recommended. CEL will illuminate if correct software tuning is not used.


  • Large 3″ downpipes

  • Durable 304 food-grade stainless steel

  • Laser cut flanges

  • Factory-like placement of O2 sensors

  • Designed using the latest 3D scanning technology

  • Exhaust flow simulated with CAD software to ensure optimal flow routing

  • Perfect fit with factory or aftermarket mid-pipes

  • Aggressive sound – really makes that S55 scream

CTS TURBO S55 Downpipe for F8x M2/M3/M4