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Give your exhaust a split personality with our Universal T-Style Valvetronic Exhaust! Take full control of the acoustical experience while driving.

Our new valve-tronic mufflers are the perfect solution for your project. keep the neighbors off your back with the valve closed, or let the whole neighborhood hear the raw power of your car at the press of a button.


Controlled by wireless remotes, our mufflers have two functions. in the off position, the valve remains closed, silencing the engine, and restricting performance; when switched on the valve opens, allowing the motor to breath freely and unleash the full performance and sound, surely to turn heads wherever you go.


Valve-tronic muffler kit includes:

One 3in Valve-tronic muffler
One electronic control box
Two wireless remotes



Full stainless construction
Tig welded
Wirelessly controlled
Sleek design

Dual Vavletronic Muffler

C$799.00 Regular Price
C$699.00Sale Price
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