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  • All wheels are tested to exceed JWL, VIA and SAE standards for radial fatigue, impact resistance, bending resistance, air leaking and more
  • Analysis and revision with Solid Works® prior to production approval
  • CASS (salt spray) corrosion tested
  • GVWR (load rating) verification for every vehicle 3D digital mapping with the aerospace approved Faro Gauge® to confirm X and Y factor clearance check
  • 40 000+ Canadian specific vehicles measured with over 300 data points
  • Custom fitments drilled and milled with Mazak CNC 3-axis vertical mill
  • SEMA certified installers
  • Highest standards in radial & lateral run out verification
  • Wheel and tire packages are laser optically balanced
  • The industry’s benchmark for customer support and after-sales service






    • Peeling of the clear coat, paint or chrome finish.
    • Wheels with a radial or lateral run-out greater than 0.020 inch/0.50mm, provided there is no evidence of impact.
    • Stress cracks in the wheel, provided there is no evidence of impact.
    • Bubbles in the paint or chrome or other blemishes in the finish of the wheel.
    • Wheels that leak air.
    • Improper machining of the center bore or lug holes.

Fast Wheels EV01

SKU: W162160
  • Fast Wheels is one of the best brands in Canada in terms of their quality. If you're looking for a custom tuner wheel, a direct-fit wheel, or something for your winter tires, Fast Wheels is one of our top recommendations every time. As wheel technology advances, so does Fast Wheels business practice, to move the OEM accessory and tuner wheel market forward. Their latest Flow Form technology is amazing for low-weight winter approved wheels, and they have the largest catalog of all Canadian brands.

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