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Made specifically for Mercedes-Benz C43 & C400 (M276)

These catless downpipes for the C43 & C400 models feature a 4” construction along with a stainless steel v-band to pipe transition that is machined with CNC to precision. Our downpipes are the best bang for your buck mod available for your C43 & C400 with gains from 50 Horsepower and 60 Torque when tuned. Rather than necking down closer to the turbos like most of our competitors, our downpipes present a full 3D design up to the last inches proving a greater increase in flow.


Ceramic coating is offered to reduce temperature in the engine bay.



- Major increases in power throughout the powerband

- Improved turbo and throttle response

- Elimination of turbo lag

- Exotic exhaust note

- Precise and proper fitment using factory heat shielding

Note: This product requires installation by a technician and will need tune recalibration to avoid cel light. Combine our HCP Custom Tune for combo deal and savings!

This product fits the following Mercedes-Benz models:

- 2016 Mercedes-Benz (W205) C43 AMG (M276)

- 2017-2020 Mercedes-Benz (R172) SLC43 AMG (M276)

- 2019 Mercedes-Benz (R231) SL450 (M276)

- 2016+ C400 & C450

Mercedes-Benz C43, E43, C400/C450, E400/E450 Catless Downpipes

SKU: Gamma 3
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