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Support power level

GC Stock-800WHP

GC+ Stock-950WHP

As of 07/24/22 units are available for PRE-ORDER ONLY. We expect these Q4 2022

Ready to take your BMW G8X M3/4, or F9X XM3-4 to the next level? Don’t want to deal with core charges, long lead times, or restrictive factory housings? Look no further! VTT has you covered with our 100% new casting “GC” turbocharger upgrade. We start by keeping the great design elements of the factory BMW turbochargers and removing the not-so-great ones such as the small factory inlet area, bearing housing oil structure, thrust bearing, and anything else we saw that could be improved upon. With the basics covered, we stepped it up a level by adding proprietary VTT changes and finished off by having all these parts cast to OE quality. What this means for you is serious power made easy; GCs are a drop-in turbocharger upgrade that supports 800-950WHP while maintaining near factory spool and all factory connections including oil, water, downpipe, and charge pipe.

VTT BMW S58 G8X M3/M4 – F9X X3M/X4M “GC” Turbocharger Upgrade

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